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Nanny Leaving

2019 June 25
Our recommended partners at provide payroll advice for
parents and have created this content.
Parents, as an employer it is your responsibility to inform HMRC when nanny leaves your
employment, this is done by an FPS submission via payroll software.
If you use we can handle this for you. The main problem we have
when nanny leaves, is that we get notified late that nanny has left. This means that we
submit to HMRC that nanny has been paid for a month when in fact she did not. This can be
corrected, but can lead to issues with nanny’s tax code in the meantime. The same can be
said for pensions. If we have not been told nanny has left, we will submit amounts to HMRC.
This can also be fixed but we will need to request the money back from the pension provider.
If nanny is leaving, you need to see if she is owed any holiday pay which she has accrued
and not taken, this would be paid in her final payslip. It also occurs nanny has taken more
than her holiday allowance, so the overpaid holiday needs to be deducted in her final
It is prudent to detail in nanny’s contract that any holiday taken over her allowance upon
leaving will be deducted from her final payslip.
Once nanny’s leave date has been confirmed, you will need to confirm if any holiday pay is
owed or needs to be deducted, redundancy due or payment in lieu due, once confirmed
payslip would be finalised and a P45 can then be processed and submitted to HMRC.

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