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Can starting a blog be good for children?

2021 February 2

It might seem like a strange question, especially with all the warnings about children and screen time that are constantly in the news, but can blogging actually be beneficial for children?

According to online safety charity WiredSafety, in 2017, there were over 6 million children around the world, regularly writing blogs and whilst there are a number of dangers revolving around children and the internet, there are also a number of benefits to blogging.

What are the benefits of blogging for children?

Since blogging is a writing and language focused activity, it’s not surprising that there are a number of benefits including:

  • Ability to develop writing skills
  • Ability to develop communication and social skills
  • Ability to develop knowledge and skills using the internet, computers and other technology

In addition to this, blogging can also improve a child’s mental health by allowing children to connect with others who share their views and interests.

If your child’s blog has a creative focus, this can also help to develop and encourage their imagination, creativity and self-confidence.

With that in mind, here are a few crucial tips you can use to help ensure your child has a safe and enjoyable blogging experience.

  • Passwords and privacy – many blogging services will allow you to create a ‘private’ blog, which means that only people you invite can view the content. This can help you to control who is reading your child’s blog and limit it to close friends and family.
  • Communicate – take the time to talk with your child about their blog. Explore ‘internet safety’ together and encourage your child’s passion whilst reminding them of the importance of staying safe online.
  • Monitor content and activity – read your child’s blog regularly. Not only will you be able to actively participate in their blog and by doing so, encourage their passion, you will also be able to monitor for any unsuitable content posted either by your child or blog visitors, and you can then take necessary steps to remove anything that isn’t appropriate.
  • Set clear rules – you should explain to your child that there is certain information that they should never disclose online i.e. anyone’s full name, their address, date of birth, school name/location, personal photos, and anything else that could be used to personally identify your child or anyone they know.

Following these tips can help to keep your child safe whilst they enjoy a beneficial activity. Does your child blog? How do you help them to stay safe online?

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