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Meet the agency: Brilliant Nannies

2015 February 23

This month we’re meeting Carla Whiting, CEO and Founder of Brilliant Nannies


How long has your agency been established?

Over 2 years ago


What inspired you to start or work for this agency?

I’m the founder. I was inspired to set up my own business thinking that I could combine my vast experience as a nanny in and my previous and solid experience with recruitment.


What areas do you cover?

All London areas, Surrey, Middlesex and Overseas


What are the minimum requirements to register with you?

Nannies: Have at least 1-year experience with childcare (nanny or nursery), up to date DBS check, First Aid Certificate and good references. Candidates must be able to come in for a face-to-face interview with us.


What do you look for in nannies that come to register?

If they are punctual, if they look clean, neat and professional, knowledge of children development, First Aid, hygiene, cooking skills, their methods of discipline, commitment, their ideal job, potty training and weaning experience.


What do your clients expect to see in a nanny?

Years of experience and commitment.


How can nannies improve their chances of getting a job through you?

Having their certificates up to date, also doing courses and getting qualified. Nannies looking for a job must do their part which is keep an eye on our website and our Facebook page to be able to apply for new jobs as soon as they are posted. Childcares shouldn’t wait for us to call them as we rarely do. We sent out newsletter a few times a month only but we advertise daily on Facebook and Twitter.


What post-placement support do you provide?

We are an introductory agency but we try to help with everything we can. We send families a contract sample and we recommend options of payroll agencies. For nannies we tend to advise them and we are open to help if there is a problem.


What’s your top tip for nannies looking for work?

They should have their certificates up to date and have a good CV with their photo and all childcare experience in it. Children’s age and activities on their employment history must be done for each job as well as ‘Reason for Leaving”.

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