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Nanny Share — the Affordable Childcare Solution

2015 February 27

Carla Whiting outline the economical way to enjoy professional nanny services


Nanny share is a fantastic way to make childcare affordable. The advantage is that the cost of a nanny is shared between two families under one umbrella agreement. This agreement covers the nanny’s services, tax payable, food, vehicle insurance and other items, depending on the arrangement. Care of the children can take place in the home of one family, or be split between the two homes. There may also be cases where the nanny cares for different children on different days of the week.

Often nanny shares are found through local acquaintance. Alternatively, using an agency can access an established pool of resources. An agency can then organise a family introduction, help clarify the terms of an agreement and find a suitable nanny.

A shared nanny ¡s recruited by an agency in the normal way. The agency can pass the candidate’s details to both families and ensure that the nanny is happy with the share agreement. Some nannies will expect a slight increase in pay, depending on the arrangement that is made.

At Brilliant Nannies we want to help more parents enjoy the benefits of personal nanny care and the more families who register, the more nanny shares we can establish. Today, many families need more than care from 8am to 6.30pm. Work schedules are increasingly fluid and a nanny offers additional flexibility to accommodate this. Furthermore, you benefit from a playmate for your child, childcare in the home environment and a cost that’s within budget! What could be better?


Carla Whiting is founder and CEO at Brilliant Nannies, a nanny agency based in the Richmond Borough and servicing London, Middlesex, Surrey and Overseas. Brilliant Nannies are experienced at setting up nanny shares. For more information, visit

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