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Travel first aid kit

2015 February 16
by nannyjob

Whilst being outside and exploring is a fun way for children to spend their time, sometimes these activities can lead to accidents. Common injuries that can occur include cuts and grazes, bumps to the head, sprains and foreign objects in the eye.

It’s always a good idea for parents and carers to be prepared by carrying a travel first aid kit. This means you can usually deal with any small incidents immediately, rather than having to find a first aider on site. Make up your own first aid kit or buy a small one to keep with you at all times.

Essential items include:

Small and medium bandages

Triangular bandage


Antiseptic wipes

Nitrile gloves

Eye wash

It is also good to have a cold compress to treat bruising.

If a child has a more serious injury or you do not feel confident dealing with the injury, call the emergency services immediately to ensure they are treated correctly. Always have your mobile phone charged so they can be called should the need arise.

This blog was written by Train Aid, who provide paediatric First Aid courses suitable for registration on the OFSTED voluntary register. You can find upcoming first aid courses on the message board calendar.

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