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20 questions to ask at interview

2014 April 1

20 questions you need to ask at interview

What are you children’s favourite activities?

Are you happy for me to arrange activities, playdates and meet up with other nannies?

Will you leave a kitty for work-related expenses?

Do your children have any allergies or health conditions?

What discipline methods do you use?

What nursery/household related duties do you expect me to do?

Why did you choose to interview me?

What are the hours?

How often do you anticipate needing overtime?

What is the rate of pay?

Are you happy to agree a gross wage in the contract and deduct my tax and National Insurance?

Live-out: Will I be able to eat meals with the children while on duty? / Live-in: What accomodation and meals do you provide?

Do you need me to be OFSTED registered?

Are you happy to pay the initial registration/renewal fee?

Do you provide a car or do you expect me to use my own?

Will you insure me on your car?/Will you pay mileage for work related journeys using my car?

How long do you see this job lasting?

What childcare have you used before?

Can I speak to your last nanny?

When do you plan to make your decision?

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One Response
  1. April 4, 2014

    Nice list of questions! The nanny should also need to ask these questions so that she will come to know about the family & children. I would love to try it, thanks!

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