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Why Nannies Should Include Volunteer Work on Their Resume

2017 March 30

When applying for your first job as a nanny, whether you’re a student, a graduate or if you’re moving from another field of work, it’s guaranteed that you won’t be the only one submitting an application.

What makes you stand out from the hundreds of other nanny applicants trying to get the same position?

We’ve put together this quick article to show you how volunteering can help you stand out from the crowd.

Volunteering is a great way to show that you have something special to offer your next employer, by highlighting your dedication and passion for helping others.

No matter what volunteer work you’ve done whether it’s a short stint at your local food bank or something more intensive, you should include it as part of your cv or résumé.

If you have little or no previous work experience, including your volunteer work will show your potential employer that you have a good work ethic and are keen to make a difference.

If you’ve spent time away from work, volunteering is a great way of showing that you’ve kept busy and continued to build upon your existing skillset. Use this opportunity to explain what you achieved, what you learned and what you valued most about your volunteering experience.

If you haven’t performed any volunteer work in the past, we strongly suggest that you do. Include it in your job applications. It’s a great conversation starter, it will help to show potential employers more about who you are and it will help you stand out from other nanny applicants.

Do you have any cv or résumé tips you’d like to share with other nannies? Share your comments below!

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