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Valentine’s Day Activity Ideas for Young Children

2020 February 12

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time for young children to unleash their creativity.

Choose from our top 5 valentine’s activities for young children and have a great day with arts and crafts making gifts for friends, family and nanny!

1. Card Making

This was obviously going to be our top choice. Who doesn’t love receiving cards on Valentine’s day? Let the children draw and design the card however they want. You can use pencils, crayons, paints, chalk or even pasta and glue – make it as fun as you want!

Remember that you might need to help them write a nice note inside – try to make it personal to tell the recipient just how special they are.

2. Bake Something Sweet to Eat

Whip out a cake mix (or make one from scratch) and bake a cake or cupcakes for everyone to enjoy. Decorate with red hearts, red icing, red sprinkles…you get the idea!

3. Create a Bouquet of Roses

Use craft paper or card to fashion a bouquet of the most romantic flowers in the world – long stemmed red roses or if that’s a bit too tricky make a romantic flower picture by cutting out flower shapes. You could even add this to the front of a card for two activities in one!

4. Make a Special Valentine’s Day Collage

Find photos of the people who are special to you and piece them together to create a special collage. Then decorate the collage with stickers, glitter and beads to create a lovely piece of art that will look beautiful on the wall or fridge.

5. Enjoy Quality Time

Whether it’s sitting down together to watch a family film, playing a game or reading a book, Valentine’s day is all about spending time with the people you love.

Even something as simple as a cuddle and a chat can make a person feel loved and special.

Spread the love this Valentine’s Day!

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