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Making yourself memorable to agencies

2015 October 11

You might have noticed that many of the jobs on are via agencies. Targeting agencies, rather than parents directly, is a slightly different approach. Here’s a five step approach to fast-tracking your way into their good books.

Be concise. When you apply through the site try to mention all the jobs they have that interest you in one email. That way you’re not spamming their inbox with twenty applications. You only need one to sign up with them, and if they don’t reply then follow it up with a phone call rather than twenty more emails.

Prepare for the interview just as carefully as you would a job interview. Agencies appreciate organised paperwork, photocopies (or send the documents digitally), a list of referees they can contact and a nanny who knows what they’re looking for.

Keep in touch, and ask them what methods they prefer – phone, email, text message…. Most problems that nannies have with agencies come from poor communication. Some agents only work 9-5 and are in the office to answer the phone, others are nannies themselves as well as running an agency and find it easier to correspond via email. Don’t rely on comments on social media to register your interest in a job, and don’t expect them to call you when they have something that fits. They need to know you really well for that, or you need to be absolutely unique. Let them know how interviews they send you on go, and what didn’t work so they can adjust their notes of your preferences. On the other hand don’t harass them hourly, be respectful and appreciate that parents can be terrible about keeping in touch too!

Don’t badmouth them online. Most agents are in nanny Facebook groups under their own name. You may not recognise them but they’ll recognise you. Only give constructive feedback when you’ve done everything that you should at your end to keep the relationship going, which includes taking any extra training they’ve recommended and staying in contact.

Tell them if you get a job. Even if it’s not through them they will appreciate you letting them know so they can take you off the list of nannies actively looking for work.

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