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5 Indoor Rainy-Day Activities

2018 November 5

With the wet weather firmly upon us, keep your young charges happy and engaged, even if you are stuck inside, with these fun indoor activities.

  1. Draw a Story – This fun activity is perfect for any weather, but what’s better than reading a book whilst listening to the rain pour down outside? Read a story to your child (for the most fun, choose a new story that your child hasn’t heard before). Here’s the important bit – don’t show your child any of the illustrations inside the book. At the end of each page, or after a particularly interesting section, ask your child to draw what they heard, creating their own interpretation. For extra creativity, they could try drawing in a comic book style!


  1. Expand an Image – Find a photo or picture (landscape’s work well for this!) and glue it to a blank piece of paper. Then, ask your child to expand the image.


  1. Make Sock Puppets – All you need are old (clean) socks, googly eyes and glue. Go wild, make your puppets funky and then put on a show! A perfect 2-in-1 activity to boost imagination and creativity.


  1. Make a Shadow Theatre – Turn off the lights, grab your torches and use your hands, dolls, bears and any other props you can think of to make a fun show the whole family can enjoy.


  1. Host an Indoor Picnic – Clear a space on the floor, lay out a picnic blanket, and enjoy an indoor picnic. Don’t forget to invite every doll and teddy bear you can find!

What are your favourite rainy-day activities?

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