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How to Keep Kids Active in Winter

2020 November 18

As temperatures plummet it understandable to want to retreat to the house where it’s warmer, but the bad weather shouldn’t be an excuse for children to swap playing outside for lounging in front of the TV.

That’s why we’ve put together some simple ideas to help keep your children active this winter:

  • Sledding – Sledding is simple and so much fun when it snows! Dragging the sled up slopes will help raise your heart rate, have the children take it in turns pulling each other on the sled and hold on tight!
  • Snowball fights – Gather your ammunition, scout the best hiding places and get ready for an epic winter battle. Snowball fights keep you moving as you run, hide and swing that throwing arm!
  • Disco dance party – If the weather’s too bad to venture outside, pick up a cheap disco bulb, put on your favourite Christmas music and have dance to your heart’s content. You could even play music games like Simon says, musical statues and musical chairs.
  • Soft play centre – Soft play, rock climbing and trampoline centres are great for active play without the cold. They’re also great places for kids and adults alike to socialise and burn off some steam.
  • Snowman/snow angels – Wrap up extra warm, find the perfect patch of snow and spend hours crafting the perfect snowman and snow angels. The running, rolling and lifting will keep little muscles active and engaged.

What activities do you love to do in winter? Let us know!

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