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How to Find Babysitter Jobs

2012 February 27
by nannyjob

Finding babysitter jobs can seem like a daunting task when you’re first starting out.  Babysitter jobs aren’t generally advertised in JobCentres, newspapers and other publications, so it may seem like a challenge to begin with.


However, there are many ways that you can take the initiative in finding babysitter jobs.  It may take some time to build a reputation locally, but we all have to start somewhere!


Advertise locally

Babysitter jobs may not be advertised in local papers but babysitters offering their services certainly are!  It usually costs very little to put a small ad in a local rag, and although you may not get a great deal of business immediately, people will soon get to recognise your name and ask around about you.  Keep your ad short and snappy, and be sure to provide at least two methods of contacting you (phone and email, for example).   You could also advertise in shop windows – many newsagents will only charge a small monthly (or annual) fee.


Make business cards

Business cards are very cheap nowadays, and some websites will have offers periodically where you can get a number of basic business cards for free.  These can come in very handy if you want to share your contact details quickly – you may bump into an old family friend in the street who mentions that she’s been let down by her babysitter, for example, and you’ll need to be able to pass on your information easily and quickly.  Business cards will also give you a more professional image, if they’re well-designed.


Offer your services at unsociable times

Helping out a family who are looking for a babysitter on New Year’s Eve, for example, can be a great way to get new, long-term clients.  People are often desperate for babysitters on special nights, which would give you more chance of finding work – and the pay will be great too!  Yes, it does mean sacrificing your own night out, but it may well be worth it when you gain long-term job prospects.


Word of mouth

Nothing is more effective than word of mouth for spreading news of your services.  Be sure to conduct yourself in a professional manner, offer a fair rate (if you are just starting out you wouldn’t charge as much as somebody who had been babysitting for years) and tell as many people as possible that you’re babysitting now and always looking for babysitting jobs.  Happy parents will be eager to let others know how responsible you are and how much their children love you.


Take a first aid course

Many night schools offer cheap first aid courses, and you may even be able to attend a basic one for free.  Having a first aid qualification – especially paediatric first aid – is something that will put you above any other babysitters a family may be considering.  After all, the number one priority of parents is to make sure their children are safe, and knowing that they’re leaving their precious ones in the hands of someone who can deal with an emergency is often a deal-breaker.

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