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How to Find a Good Nanny?

2021 August 16
by nannyjob

In this day and age, knowing how to find a good nanny is both essential and challenging. In fact, hiring the ideal nanny feels impossible for most parents. The thought of hiring someone who screams at your children when you’re not around is frightful, isn’t it? So how do you distinguish a good nanny from a bad one? In general, employing a good nanny starts with a thorough screening process.

Search For A Nanny Yourself

If you don’t want to use the services of a nanny agency, you could search for a nanny on your own, but how do you find a good nanny by yourself? is the best place to start, with literally thousands of nannies searching every month for suitable positions. You could also choose to post an ad in your local paper or in a magazines like The Lady and ask applicants to submit their applications in writing. This ensures that you will only be screening eager and committed candidates.

Churches, the local preschool, and your neighbourhood can also be great resources of trustworthy nannies. You could also ask your family and friends for referrals. You may find that you can trust their recommendations better than anyone else.

Contact a Nanny Agency

One advantage of contacting a nanny agency is that the agency will readily provide you with pre-screened applicants. All you have to do is simply discuss your nanny job description and specific requirements. These agencies will take care of all the initial formalities to help you find a good nanny, safely and efficiently.

A nanny agency service will usually perform background checks along with checking police records for any history of criminal offenses. In the UK, the Criminal Records Bureau provides more extensive access to criminal record information through its Disclosing and Barring service. While you can often rely on a friend’s recommendation, contacting a nanny agency is probably the safest way to find a good, reliable nanny.

Set Up Face to Face Interviews

Once you start receiving applications, immediately read the applications and start identifying potential candidates. Eliminate resumes that reveal negative distinctions about the person. Once you’ve done that you may want to schedule separate interviews with at least two to three candidates. Do not hesitate to ask as many questions as time allows. The interview will help you decide whether the applicant is likely to be a good nanny for your children.

Provide a Trial Run

A trial run gives you time to consider hiring the nanny for long-term employment. The trial period gives both of you the chance to become familiar with each other and decide whether you are a good fit. You will never uncover someone’s true identity until you live with them.  More than appraising chemistry, the trial period gives you the opportunity to assess the nanny’s character and level of expertise. If you are comfortable with the candidate, make sure to draft a work agreement before hiring them, and list the terms of your agreement in detail.

Now that you know how to go about finding a good nanny, you can productively focus on your work whilst having peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable nanny taking good care of your children back home.

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