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Future Olympians!

2021 August 13
by nannyjob

Well, what an incredible buzz the Olympic Games brought with it! They claimed 22 golds, 21 silvers and 22 bronze medals in Japan.  With towns and cities across Great Britain welcoming back their hero’s, it’s no wonder that many of us heard a daily announcement from our little ones “I want to do that!”.

So, if you have a child who would like to be the next Laura Kenny, Sky Brown or Tom Daly how do you get started to help them on their way to being the next big thing?


Ok, it may sound cliche, but how do you expect a child to believe in itself if you don’t plant seeds of positivity? If they announce they want to learn a sport or event that they’ve seen on the Olympics, then there should be very little reason why they can’t. Make them feel like they can do anything they want, with the right attitude and commitment.

Don’t be a pushy parent

There is nothing worse for a child than feeling pressurised to do something they don’t really want to. Remember that this is their dream, not yours! There is no quicker way to put a child off something than to push them into it if they aren’t interested. Also, if they are not physically or emotionally ready to compete, then starting them too early can end up being frustrating for everyone, and can turn kids off from sports for good.

Local clubs

Ask around or search online for your local clubs that specialise in the area the child is interested in. You’re sure to find something in most towns and cities, and even if you have to travel a little way, it may all be worth it in the end.

Create balance

Ok, so we’ve all heard how many hours a day the best swimmers spend in the pool to become the best, and just how totally dedicated the lives of world class athletes are. When starting out though, children need to see the fun in the event, and not feel that it is simply a trial of endurance, or all consuming. They are not likely to become great at something that they don’t see as being fun and enjoyable, especially in the beginning, so make sure you help create balance, and not expect them to start dedicating their lives to their chosen sport or activity.

Nannyjob wishes you and your little one lots of fun and the best of luck in the shaping of the future Team GB! Keep us informed about how you get on at Facebook.

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