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HMRC Payment Deadlines

2020 March 3

In order to avoid penalties and interest, it is important to make sure you pay HMRC on time for tax, employee and employer national insurance and student loan deductions.

Here is a note of each quarter’s payment and payment deadlines:


Quarter                       Period for                                  Payment Date

Quarter 1                     6th April to 5th July                       22nd July

Quarter 2                     6th July to 5th October                 22nd October

Quarter 3                     6th October to 5th January           22nd January

Quarter 4                     6th January to 5th April                 22nd April


If your PAYE exceeds over £1,500 a month, you will have to pay HMRC monthly instead of quarterly.

The best way to pay them is directly via their website, you will get a confirmation email from them stating all the transaction details in case there was ever a dispute of payments-

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