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Form P60

2020 March 9

A P60 Form shows how much taxable salary your nanny was paid in a tax year (which runs from 6 April to 5 April the following year) and includes how much Tax and National Insurance contributions were deducted from their wages.  As an employer, you must give your nanny a P60 at the end of each tax year, if they are still employed by you at the end of that tax year.

If nanny leaves your employment before the end of March, they will not receive a P60 from your employment, but will receive a P45 from you with their leave date and total earnings from your employment on the form instead.

Nanny’s P60 is proof of the tax they have paid for that financial year.  Nanny will be asked to provide a copy of their P60, along with pay slips from your employment, if they are applying for a mortgage, property rental or other financial service as proof of their salary.  As the employer, you should provide nanny’s P60 by 31 May, following a close of a tax year, at the latest.

If nanny provides you with a P60, rather than a P45 when starting in your employment, this cannot be accepted.  If they do not have a P45 from their previous employment, then they will need to complete a ‘New Starter Checklist Form’ declaring any other jobs, benefits or student loans.

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