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A Nanny’s Guide to Staying Healthy

2017 February 25

Life as a nanny can be hectic and exhausting. You spend all day taking care of the family you work for, but who takes care of you?

If you want to do your job well, and more importantly, live a healthy life, it’s important that you take good care of your health and well-being to avoid getting ill or simply burning out.

Follow these 5 tips to help keep your health in tip top condition:

1. Eat Well – Eating healthy is part of everyday life, but when your day is spent chasing after young children, preparing their meals, running errands and doing other household chores, it’s easy to fall into the trap of grabbing a sweet snack between chores or eating a microwave dinner or takeout when you finally have time to sit down.

Spend a small amount of time each day planning your meals and snacks. If you bring your own food, plan easy-to-make healthy lunches that you can take with you and heat up at work. If your food is supplied by your employer, discuss your requirements and provide a list of the types of foods that you need. Explain to them that eating healthily around the house can also encourage children to form better eating habits.

2. Get Enough Rest – As part of your nanny contract you should be entitled to a minimum of 11 hours rest between the end of one working day and the beginning of the next. Be sure to take advantage of this time to relax and enjoy a well-deserved rest.

3. Schedule ‘Me’ Time – Keep track of your holiday entitlement and use it! Even if you can’t travel far, take a couple of days to yourself. Head to a spa for a pampering session, spend time with family and friends, or simply binge watch your favourite show on Netflix.

4. Exercise – One hour of exercise is just 4% of your day and you can spread this hour throughout your day, as long as each session lasts at least 10 minutes. Try walking/jogging to work instead of taking the car, take the children for a walk/bike ride around the park, dance together or practice yoga for children. There are plenty of ways that you can incorporate activity into everyday life that will benefit you and the children in your care.

5. Communicate – If you’re feeling overworked, overtired or like you’re coming down with a cold or illness, talk to your employer. Let them know how you feel and work with them to make things easier for you. Explain that you won’t be able to keep doing your job to the best of your ability which isn’t safe for you, or the children in your care.

It’s also a good idea to connect with other nannies. It’s nice to have someone to talk to who understands what you’re going through. They can offer advice or tips from past experience and provide a safe zone for you to vent your frustrations.

Remember that taking care of your own health is extremely important and no matter how much you feel there is to do, you must make time for yourself. If you’re feeling sick, check out our guide on How Sick is Too Sick to Work.

How do you relax after a long day at work? Share your tips with us and other nannies in the comments below or over on Twitter.

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