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What would Fiona do?

2015 July 2
by nannyjob

We were kindly sent a copy of Fiona Cooke’s ‘What would Fiona do?’ to review. Written by a practising maternity nurse, Fiona combines her midwifery training and years of experience with a gentle and compassionate tone to inform and guide new parents (and childcarers) through the first few months.

What we loved

The line drawing illustrations. These lovely pictures clarified points at just the right times, reflecting the simplicity of the book.

The flexibility. Unlike other well know parenting guides Fiona doesn’t have a one size fits all approach. She gives gentle suggestions for routines and how to adapt them to babies.

The comprehensive approach. It’s a little book but Fiona seems to cover everything practical that you need to know from dressing a baby to how to burp him, from activities to share to understanding baby’s cries. A wealth of information is packed in to this book but it remains easy to read and understand.

The tone. Fiona really hits the spot with her non-bossy and non-judgemental way of sharing information. You really get the impression that she is telling you what she would do not what you should do, and if you decide not to follow the book to the letter then the world isn’t going to end.

The two copies are up for grabs right now on Facebook! Giveaway ends 9 July but you can buy it as an eBook on

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