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‘What If Money Didn’t Matter?’

2012 November 29
by nannyjob

Yesterday here at Nannyjob towers, we came across something utterly fantastic – this video, that was flagged up through the powers of social media (our Facebook page!).

To say that this really got us thinking would be a huge understatement. The narrator, the late Alan Watts, takes us through the video, asking the listener to consider something  that they may possibly have never really considered before – what they would REALLY want to do with their life, if money didn’t matter.

So, as I’m sure you can imagine, when the Nannyjob team comes across something as thought provoking as this, it leads to a big discussion about how these principals apply to children. We all pretty much agreed that encouraging a child to follow their heart and gravitate towards what they love doing, rather than what might be a ‘sensible’ option, was incredibly important for their long term happiness.

There are still many parents out there who push their child into doing what they themselves think is most beneficial to get them a ‘good’ career. A recent example is a parent I came across at a local private school, who is a surgeon (as is her husband). Clearly a very clever couple in so many ways you might think, although I was utterly flabbergasted at their response to their 10 year old’s new found love of archaeology: “We’ve told him that it’s ok to like it now, but not to get too interested in it, as it wouldn’t be a good career choice”.

Oh. My. Goodness. Me! This child is TEN for God’s sake! And he REALLY ENJOYS archaeology! Apart from this, if they’re concerned about future financial successes for their LITTLE boy, surely some of the world’s leading archaeologists are onto a really high earner? Needless to say, Nannyjob was very confused (and a little sad) about this.

It appears that for many parents, this is the chosen approach. Very often the children are denied what they love doing, and are steered in the direction of something they aren’t remotely interested in, or naturally good at. The parents are then surprised when their child grows up and rebels, or even worse, spends their entire career totally miserable. Of course, this is not always the case, as many children in this position actually start believing  that this approach is the best, and that denying themselves of a degree and potentially a job in archaeology, art, dance, or whatever they actually enjoy but were told wasn’t ‘sensible’ is more beneficial to them. But I bet my last nannying pound that they turn around one day, even if it is in retirement, and say ‘what if I’d done what I really wanted….’.

So our advice is to most definitely follow the late, great Mr Watts’ advice after you watch this video, and to do what you REALLY want to do, and encourage your children the same. They will thank you for it, we promise….

To watch the video Click here!



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  1. December 12, 2012

    I know it may sound hokey, but motherhood IS a caerer. To become more serious and excited to become the best Mom I could be (and find more fulfillment in it), I sought out and found some fun mentors who I looked up to and could learn from. It wasn’t about getting the gold medal. No, it was about finding enjoyment in the life I had chosen and was ahead of me, since I chose to stay at home with my children while my husband works out of the home. I didn’t want to be a martyr and feel I had had to miss out’ on meaningful life in order to be a good mom’.I have found with the Internet, and time to practice, I could learn anything! I learned about childbirth preparation and breastfeeding with my first child, enough that I became the leader of a support group for mothers and babies. I went on to study early childhood development and education so I could participate in an at-home preschool co-op with other mothers I know, which I enjoyed. I have 4 kids now and still find time to delve into my interests, whether that is finding a great book to read or learning about the bicycling routes in my area.Just find something you are interested in and use that as your jumping off point. I promise you, you will not be disappointed where it leads you! One things leads to another, and there is always something next’ to learn! Reading blogs and websites and checking out books from the library gave me all the knowledge I needed. And when I needed to, I consulted people in my community or church group with experience on the subject I chose to study.I learned about health and nutrition, cooking and baking and gardening. BYU is one university that offers free personal development courses online and I took their swimming course and liked it.There is a world beyond graduate school and the professional worlds. I have found being a Mom means I don’t have to stay at home and do nothing’. I have found time to unlock a world of mystery and learning all at my own pace! Give it time and give something a try, take up a challenge and enjoy the time this space in your life affords you now! Just remind yourself that this learning is personal, it is yours, and though no college or group of your peers will recognize you for it, it is hard-earned and will serve you and your family well all your lives! It all counts!

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