Tips for Nannies: How to Bond with a New Baby

Building a bond with a new baby in your nanny family might sound easy enough. What’s not to love after all? From a sweet coo to their first smile, you’ll be smitten in no time. But, when there are older children around, it can sometimes be difficult to create a lasting bond that will have a nurturing effect on both you as the nanny and the new baby.

That’s why we’ve put together our top tips to help you!

  • Be Affectionate and Playful

Spending a lot of time playing with a new baby and providing the affection and attention that they need will go a long way to ensuring that the baby is comfortable with you and seeks you out for comfort.

Remember to talk to your new nanny baby so that they learn your voice, you could even try singing and dancing with the little one. Babies love music and will enjoy hearing you sing and being moved around to the music.

Even things like nappy changing and night-time feeding (if you’re a live-in nanny) can help you both to bond. It’s also a great way to help mum by giving her some time to rest whilst you and the baby get to know each other.

The more time you spend soothing and playing with the baby, the stronger your bond will grow and the more they’ll seek you out for comfort.

  • Skin-on-Skin Contact

Wear short sleeves (or roll your sleeves up) and take some time to simply hold the new baby in your arms. Who doesn’t love a good cuddle? The baby will learn your smell and the feel of your skin and will be much more comfortable with you.

Take the time to be mindful of how unique the new baby is; how they smell, how their temperature is different than yours, the colour of their eyes, the rhythm of their breathing. The close proximity and mindfulness that you practice will help you become more in tune to the new baby and will help you to develop a lasting, nurturing bond.

  • Practice Positive Parenting

It’s true that you can never show enough positive affection to a baby. Spend time each day holding them, talking to them, singing to them, smiling at them and playing with them to help build trust between you and your nanny baby.

By following our top tips not only will you be creating a strong, affectionate bond with your new nanny baby, you’ll also be helping with their long term cognitive development.

Has your nanny family recently had a new addition? Share your top bonding tips!

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