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Things you can do one handed, perfected after years of childcare

2021 September 20
by nannyjob


Eat most things in fact, with a spoon or a fork. You’ve also perfected the cut then eat manoeuvre.

Crack eggs

No you don’t need that other hand to stabilise the bowl. And yes, you can whisk them too, and flip an omelette. You’re the Queen of no-chop meals.

Wash up

You’ve perfected the one handed technique for every utensil going

Tie shoes

You can’t? You need the ‘Ian knot’ in your life

Fold and unfold almost any pushchair

You’re so good brands should hire you for demos

Find your keys at the bottom of your bag

They’re always right down there with a spare nappy, three conkers, your lipgloss and a spare hair bobble

Put on make-up

And you don’t look like a clown

Unload the dishwasher

Nobody needs two hands for this, do they?

Play catch

Right and left handed. Get in.

Open any jar

You know every trick there is in the book

Mop up any kind of spill, tears and snot

Nothing you can’t swipe or wipe

Text your boss

Smartphones are just so big these days that doing this is actually an achievement…

What can you do with just one hand? Keep it clean 😉

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