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The nanny diary: Day 5

2013 November 22

This post brings us to the end of our series following a nanny and a mother through the first week of a new job. If you missed the first posts you can find them here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4. And if you’re interested in writing a guest post or a nanny diary of your own then get in touch!


I felt really nervous all day with the chat looming in the evening.

I had questions of my own:

Do you still want me as your nanny?

Is there anything I did this week you would prefer I did differently? Is there anything I didn’t do?

I’m glad to say they still want me! And no major changes to be made! Which is a huge weight off my mind because nannying is such a personal job that when it doesn’t work out you feel like someone has broken up with you. Three more weeks of the probationary period to go still but a good start. It turns out it wasn’t anything bad at all, she just wanted time to think about real solutions to the stuff I’d raised throughout the week and I get the feeling that’s more her style than giving a quick yes or no answer, which I’m glad I discovered now before I need to ask something really important. Plus we’re probably getting a double pushchair and I’ve got a budget and free reign to choose two to show MB which I think is a really good sign, because if they didn’t want me to stay they wouldn’t be prepared to spend money on something they don’t really want, right?

Overall today was better than yesterday. No tantrums at least and I was super-efficient at getting all the jobs done.  I’m speeding up on the school run and probably getting fitter as a result and learning just how much leeway there is in the routine. It’s amazing how fast things become second nature, although I still need to check the schedule every morning before we start to make sure both boys have what they need for the morning even if I’ve put it ready the evening before.

I checked the calendar for the next month as well to give myself a heads up on anything important and it’s charge number 3’s birthday in two weeks, which brings a whole new load of challenges, not least how her siblings are going to be able to make her a card without her finding out! I’m really enjoying having such a busy job again. It’s a totally different kind of challenge.


It’s Friday! And I don’t have piles of laundry! And the bedrooms are clean and tidy! I’m never letting this woman leave. That’s all!

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