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2012 January 31
by nannyjob




First time parenting is a challenge and the pressure can really get to you. As you have a second, and third, life can become even trickier with more little people to please.


Oxfordshire based Dee Booth, known locally as The Sleep Fairy, is a parent and sleep expert with a track record of settling babies and young children, often in just 3 nights. Her success is based on getting them into a manageable routine, and teaching parents to allow their children to learn to sleep alone.  She uses her 15 years experience as a mother, nanny and parent coach to look at the problems and struggles parents are having with sleep and behaviour and how best to resolve it.


Dee said: “The most important thing to consider with babies and sleep is that every child is different and will sleep through the night, peacefully, when they have been allowed to develop the skills to settle themselves throughout the night.


A one-size-fits-all approach not only doesn’t work, but also overwhelms new parents, and often creates an unnecessary feeling of failure. This is impacted by an overload of parenting and sleep books and websites that aren’t written just for ‘your child’, whereas my one-to-one advice is all about your family, and if you follow my advice, it works.


I visit each family in the comfort of their own home, and observe the household, and their current routines and discuss the methods being used. I then work alongside them to find a solution that is right for them. Improvements happen fast and remain in place long after my assistance is over. Sometimes just having an outside perspective and making a few small tweaks is all that is needed”.


Dee’s top 5 sleep tips for parents who have tried everything else and still can’t get their baby to settle and sleep, are:


  1. Establish a good feeding routine during the day – allow a minimum of four hours between feeds / meals
  2. Ensure you set-up a consistent, calm, relaxed bath and bedtime routine for your baby and use this every night
  3. Ensure both parents, and other carers, use the same confident, consistent, firm behaviour not only at bedtimes but also during the day

I do believe that with many sleep issues, simply following my advice means a new routine and pattern of behaviour will be in place after 3 nights”.


Sarah from Surrey:

“Sleep Fairy, and Guardian Angel, she saved my life and my sanity! I was at my wits end when I sought help. My 10 month old wouldn’t sleep at night or during the day, but with the Sleep Fairy’s support, guidance and understanding, Ava is now the perfect sleeper. Thank you Sleep Fairy from all of us!!”


Natalie from Buckinghamshire:

“My second son was difficult to get into a routine and Dee was a TOTAL lifesaver. I didn’t think her 3 night rule would work, but it did! He is now sleeping from 7pm to 7am or later with a 2 hour nap after lunch. The best call I ever made was to Dee!”


Dee also offers phone sessions across the UK and guidance with:

  • Feeding issues
  • Tantrums
  • Toilet training
  • “the terrible twos”
  • Colic
  • Early rising


For more information go to or call 07977 462252 for an informal chat.

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  1. michelle permalink
    February 16, 2012

    Tired parents often turn to ‘baby gurus’, but its worth noting that breastfed babies shouldn’t have time restrictions placed on feeds. Not allowing demand feeding and restricting to four hourly feeds can reduce milk supply and cause other problems. Also no mention of what her method is – crying it out is dangerous for newborns, and is a big loss of trust for older babies too. If a child is with a nanny in the daytime, why not sleep with them at night and enjoy the reconnection together ?

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