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Rainy Day Play!

2021 July 7
by nannyjob

Rain rain go away, come again another day! It seems like we’ve been saying this far too many times already this Summer. In the last few days the sun has decided to make an appearance, but just in case the rain clouds return and your plans for picnics and sunshine walks go out of the window – there are many fun things to do to keeps little ones occupied whilst it’s pouring down (and there won’t need to be a games console in sight, you’ll be pleased to know!).

We automatically think that we have to stay indoors when it’s raining, but if you nanny for toddlers or children, splashing around in puddles and mud can be lots of fun! Make sure everyone is well wrapped up in raincoats and wellies, and go out and create a splash in the woods or park, allowing the kids to get as wet and muddy as they like (if you’re brave!). The chances are the children will be so used to staying in while it’s rainy that this will be a welcome alternative and loads of fun!

So, if you’re not quite as game as that, do not fear – as always we’re here for you with our top tips and activities:

  • Show time! Get your little ones to put on a show. Make one end of the room the stage area, and teach them a little dance, or help them to come up with an idea for a short play (depending on age!). Once they’ve rehearsed and know what they’re doing, help them to make some nice colourful tickets, and they can ‘sell’ them to mummy and daddy later on.
  • Den making – we’ve never met a child yet who doesn’t love building a good old den. Probably something you did as a child (we love the old school activities!), use your imagination and get some old sheets, a duvet, or the big cardboard box that the new telly came in, and make a special den with the kids. Once it’s made, have a secret code word to get in, and put teddies and toys in there – a wonderful way of creating a new little pad for the day!
  • Scrap booking – with the permission of parents, encourage the children to start a personal scrapbook. It’s a great activity which will fill a rainy day, as you dig out old photos, postcards, drawings, and items that reflect who the child is and who they want to be. If they’re old enough, get the children to write next to each item they place in the scrapbook, and they can update it over time, pulling it out on more rainy days to come!
  • Indoor Olympics – what better a year than now to do this?! Get into the Olympic spirit and create your own games indoors. Get the kids to choose a country they’d like to represent, and to wear a comfy outfit as their uniform. For the actual activities, make sure you’re not doing anything too risky (you don’t want a smashed ornament on your hands!). Things like a slither race on the rug, or a knee race (each child going as quick as they can on their knees!) are perfect. Set up a leader board, and help the children to fill it in as they go.
  • Indoor beach party! Well, if we can’t have a Summer outside, why not have one inside?!  Set up a tropical themed ‘beach’ party in the living room. Get the children to choose and put on their most summer-ish clothes, sunglasses, and flip flops, and make some palm tree, beach and fish paintings to decorate the walls. Find some music that fits the theme, and get the kids to help you make them some fruity ‘cocktails’ with umbrellas and straws. You’ll all forget about the rain outside before you know it!

 If you have any other good ideas for indoor activities, don’t forget to share them with us on our Facebook page!

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