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Online Learning Resources for Older Children and Teenagers

2017 February 3

At some point during your career as a nanny you’ll probably be asked by one of the children in your care for help, whether it’s with homework, a school project or a personal interest or hobby.

We’ve put together a list of online resources that you and your children might find useful and are perfect for helping children and teenagers to learn online either with help or independently.


This online encyclopaedia can be a fantastic aid for online research. It’s a great starting point when approaching new topics/areas of study.

However, it’s important to remember that Wikipedia is an open platform, which means that anyone can edit the content. Therefore, you should also check the References section at the bottom of each article to find the source of the information and to check that it’s accurate.


Undoubtedly, one of the best free, online-learning platforms available, YouTube will allow you to learn anything from cake decorating to how to play the violin. The video tutorials, lessons and demonstrations can help children (and adults) of all ages learn new skills.

There are also plenty of videos to help with school subjects such as Maths, English and History.

Some of the video content on YouTube is questionable and, particularly with younger children, you should always check the videos for any inappropriate content before allowing them to watch.

However, to make things easier for parents and guardians, YouTube also has a Restricted Mode which you can activate at the bottom of the page, to filter out any unsuitable content.

Khan Academy

Kham Academy can help children to study as a way of supporting their regular education from Pre-School through to the end of High School.

Whilst it is an American-based platform, and so it may take a little longer for you to find the right content based on the child’s year group or level of learning, it’s a fantastic tool containing a wealth of videos and information to help the child or teen in your care with their studies.

The website is free to use and provides videos and interactive tools covering topics from English, Maths and Science to Organic Chemistry, Computer Coding and Finance.

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize has been providing online learning support for children and teenagers from Key Stage 1 to GCSE Level for years.

Simply select the level of study required and you immediately have access to a wide range of subjects from KS1 English to GCSE Biology. Within each subject, you’ll find a breakdown of topics that contain study guides and video clips to help develop a child’s understanding of each topic.

If used properly and perhaps with some input from you or a parent, these four resources can help to spur on a child’s self-learning and you never know, you might even learn something new yourself.

It is important to remember that whilst the internet can be a fantastic resource for learning, it isn’t without it’s dangers, especially where vulnerable children are involved. Be sure to check out our guide to keeping children safe online and follow the tips and advice provided.








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