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Nanny Jobs – Beating the Competition

2012 January 14

Nanny jobs are desirable to many.  They are generally the most well-paying of childcare professions (although this is no surprise, considering that they are usually the most physically and emotionally taxing, too), and offer a lot of perks.


We often talk about the importance of a family finding the right nanny, but it is equally important for the nanny to find the right family.


Families will quite rightly be picky when choosing a nanny for their children – after all, the nanny will be spending a great deal of time with their children and may even be living in their home.  So how can you give yourself the edge over other applicants?


Formal Qualifications

Although formal qualifications are not legally required to work as a nanny, most families will be very interested in any qualifications you do have.  You need to be able to prove your skills and your ability to not only keep their children safe, but to facilitate their learning and stimulate them.  If you don’t have very many formal qualifications, you should think about changing that and ‘skilling up’.  There is a vast array of courses available in childcare, early years education and paediatric first aid, which are the kind of qualification the family will be looking for.


Good References

As previously mentioned, it is not legally required for nannies to possess any formal qualifications.  In fact, some of the most well-paid and sought after nannies are older women who have very few qualifications, but extensive experience and great references from other families.  If you are just starting out as a nanny, you’ll need to have some kind of previous experience of childcare to demonstrate that you are capable of carrying out the tasks required.  You might consider doing some voluntary work in a child-orientated setting before starting to apply for nanny jobs.


A Driving License

Being able to drive the family car (or your own car) to ferry children around to school and various extra-curricular activities will most definitely give you an advantage over other applicants.  Of course, depending on where the family lives, using public transport may be easier in certain situations but the freedom of being able to drive a private vehicle will not just make your life easier – it will make you more attractive as an employee.


Professional Attitude

Professional nannies are well-prepared for their interviews and well-prepared to be hired. Be sure to have any paperwork ready for the family to see should they wish to (proof of qualifications and CRB documents are important ones), and have a contract of employment prepared.


Love Your Work

Probably above all else, the family are going to want to see that you genuinely love children and have a passion for your work.  As the saying goes, “if you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life”. Allow the family to see just how much your work means to you.

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