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2019 July 11
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parents and have created this content.
If you pay nanny for mileage during work hours the mileage rate as per HMRC is 45p.
Anything above 45p is taxable and must go through the payroll. As an employer you must
keep records of mileage that you have paid out, you must only pay for miles traveled.
Simple putting £15 for expenses for general travelling is not acceptable and would mean it is
By paying 45p a mile or more for getting nanny to and from work is a taxable, and would
need to be declared to HMRC.
Benefits in kind would arise when you let nanny have private use of your car, this benefit
would then need to be declared to HMRC annually by means of a P11d.
We would advise you to keep receipts from nanny that you have reimbursed her, for day
trips with the children and any shopping she has done.

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