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Continuing professional development for nannies

2014 June 24

In a competitive market a nanny who regularly refreshes and expands their skills will stand out from the crowd. Luckily a number of training providers have stepped in to fill the gap but it can still be hard to find a course that is on a date that suits you in a location that you find convenient. To help you along Nannyjob have created a new function on the community area calendar. You can now search courses by date and clicking on the course title will take you to the post on the messageboard which gives you all the information you need.We’re also creating a list of distance learning courses for those times you can’t physically attend but still want to keep your mind ticking over.


In celebration of this we’ve pulled together 3 top tips to make sure you get bang for your buck!


1. Ask About Course content

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about what is covered in the course. A good training company will be able to give you a fairly detailed breakdown of the topics you’ll encounter, which will help you decide whether the course is worth your time.


2. Check Accreditation

A course which has been accredited will have undergone a certain amount of scrutiny from the awarding body, which means you can have a measure of confidence in the delivery and assessment procedures. Some awarding bodies, such as CACHE, will also check the content of the course to ensure that it’s factual and based on best practice.


3. Get opinions

It’s rare to find a course or training provider that everyone raves about, although they do exist, and one nanny’s meat is another nanny’s poison and all that BUT if you get overwhelmingly negative reviews or the same bad points keep coming out then do take that into account. You can ask other nannies what they think on the training and careers section of the community area.

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