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Christmas Craft Ideas

2021 December 14

When the weather outside is frightful…it’s time for Christmas crafts!

Dust off that craft box and try these fun Christmas craft ideas – get messy, create something new and have fun!

  • Lollipop Stick Christmas Trees – Extremely easy and fun for all ages! Grab lollipop sticks, paint or pens, glue, glitter, ribbon, pipe cleaners and pom poms to fashion these festive tree decorations.
  • Christmas Cards – Children of any age can unleash their creativity to make a unique, hand-crafted card for each friend and family member.
  • Reindeer Footprint – Get messy and make a Christmas keepsake that you’ll want to put on display every year.
  • Cotton Wool Snowman – A cheap and easy graft that will help to develop fine motor skills with lots of gluing and sticking!
  • Sock Snowman – Take your snowman game up a level with this fun and simple snowman craft – no stitching required!
  • Lollipop Stick Reindeer – So easy to make and the googly eyes make them an adorable addition to any Christmas tree.
  • Paper Plate Santa – This craft is simple and fun, guaranteed to keep little one’s entertained for quite some time.
  • Pasta Christmas Trees – Pasta, paint, card and glue – that’s all you need for this fun craft activity.

What are you waiting for? Grab your supplies and start crafting! Don’t forget to share your craft Christmas creations with us!

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