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A Halloween sensory poem and touchy feely game

2020 October 29

Blindfold the children and then say the rhyme as you guide their fingers to the appropriate bowls. Take the blindfold off just as you say the last words so they see their fingers covered in ‘blood’.

I went to a graveyard and dug in the ground

Here are some of the things that I found:

A dead man’s heart (a large chunk of jelly) and a bit of his nose (a chicken bone),

A lady’s teeth (some dried pumpkin or similar size seeds) and some of her toes (two or three gherkins),

A piece of skin (al dente lasagne sheet) and a brain in the mud (a large-ish sponge soaked in water and covered in cling film smeared with ghost mud – toilet paper, soap and water),

Two eyeballs (peeled grapes), some maggots (cooked rice and raisins), some worms (cooked spaghetti), and some BLOOD! (tomato ketchup)

Poem © F Norris, 2014

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