15/01/2022 Parent
Nanny (Special needs)
We are looking for a live-in Nanny-Teachers Assistant for our 7 year old son. He attends a private school in Mill Hill and was suddenly taken ill in April this year with encephalitis. On some days he can attend school with support but some days he is not well enough and would need to recuperate/have a low key day at home. School are extremely supportive. Ideally, the Nanny-TA would accompany him to school and provide 1-to- 1 support on days he can go in and be with him at home when he can't. My husband and I work from home and we have a full time housekeeper and two other children (10 and 4) who are at school full-time with no issues. We could accommodate a live-in as we have an empty flat above our garage with a bathroom and kitchen.

At the moment our son has one episode of challenging behaviour (hallucinations/anxiety) a day as a result of the encephalitis. Although this is very variable and he can go for months without. He is otherwise a very sweet child who loves sea animals, ontonauts, running around in the park and reading. He is physically very fit and the encephalitis has impacted his cognitive and speech skills the most. His prognosis is good, but will require 2 years of immunotherapy, so we go into hospital once a month for infusions.

We are located in Elstree, Hertfordshire and 10 min walk from the station. Salary would be the going rate for the live-ins in the area which is currently £450-500/week depending on experience.
Source Parent
Contact RJ
Region London
Area Greater London
Location Elstree & Borehamwood
Start date As soon as possible
Salary £450-500/week + accomodation
Hours 5 full days + ad hoc babysitting
Qualifications required Not specified
DBS checked Not specified
Required language Not specified
Experience required Not specified
Driving license required No
Employment type Full time
Duration Permanent
Live in / out Live in