08/04/2021 Parent
Au Pair
We are a family of 4 freshly moved from 15y in London.
Mum, Nina, nursery teacher, I have looked after the girls until now. I worked as a nanny 10y before training as a Montessori teacher.
Dad, Camille, in finance. Working from home at the moment due to covid.
Eloïse, 7 in April was in year 1 when we had to leave London last year and very much misses her London life. She is a sensitive soul, always happy to make new friends. She loves reading, writing to her friends back in London and (hopefully soon again) having playdates.
Amélie, 3 1/2 started school for the first time in September and loves it. She has more energy than all of us put together and the voice of a dinosaur! She loves playing with her babies & pretend kitchen as well as going to the park.
Both girls are in a French/English school full time.
We moved to the 16th district of Paris in September last year and are adjusting to our new life.
I have gone back to work for the first time in 7y and it has been a bit chaotic! We would like to have an au-pair join us and hopefully transform this chaos into a devine calm ;)
The girls are in school MTTF 8.30/4 and so far Dad takes them to school in the morning. We need some help for the end of day, pick them up from school, get them back home (park?), play/supervise homework, feed them and by then one of us will take over.
Because we have had an absolute fabulous nanny back in London who was with us for over 2 years we have been struggling to find someone who could take her role. We think that an au-pair, with her youth and energy might work well in being a mature, disciplined big sister.
I think if we bullet point what we are looking for and what the role offers it might make it easier ;)
-Monday to Friday work, maybe occasional weekend' hours tbc but probably very rare (babysitting?)
-School pick up at 3.50/4.20 (the two campuses are 10min walk from each other) until 7/7.30
-Keeping the girls safe on the way back home (bus-10min journey)
-Once home, play/supervise homework/piano lesson etc... we have enough toys/arts&craft to set up our own nursery!
-Either whip up dinner or reheat and supervise dinner (table manners being reinforced at the moment!)
-Run bath/brush teeth
-Trust. I have looked after my babies ;) all the way until now and need to be able to go to work knowing they'll be in good hands. Love, safety and all ;)
-Someone with a good dose of common sense and initiative. We are pretty chilled so long that we see someone proactive in the family dynamics
-Patience is key but so is being able to reinforce discipline. The girls know very well what is expected of them but if they see they can get away with anything they will run havoc!
-Flexibility in adjusting (current situation being what it is...)
-Respect, both ways. We want someone who is treated as an equal and want the girls to be as respectful as they know to be but someone who also shows respect to others.
-Organisation. I am a very organised person and try to run a smoothly run house and need someone I can rely on who will see the girls' water bottle needs filling, their snacks packed etc without me having to mention it every day (obviously the first few days are adjustment). Again, the girls know how to look after their things but being children need to be reminded/checked.
-Energy. I would say the girls aren't overly energetic but they are children! They need to run in the parc (or, poor neighbours, in the corridor) and be kept busy but that can also be play dough, reading, boardgames... But they BOTH need attention and most times than not at the same time ;)
-A fully furnished studio flat
-Contribution to travel&health insurance&living expenses
-100€/week pocket money
All this can be discussed depending on circumstances and candidate
We really want someone who will love spending time with us and who will get it back from the girls a zillion time over ;)
Source Parent
Contact Nina & Camille
Region Europe (non UK)
Area France
Location Paris
Start date As soon as possible
Salary 100€/week benefits to be discussed
Hours TBC app. 25/Week
Qualifications required Not specified
DBS checked Required
Required language English
Experience required Min 2y
Driving license required No
Employment type Full time
Duration Permanent
Live in / out Live in