08/11/2019 Parent
Temporary Positions
This is a temporary position while our nanny is away for 6-8 weeks. Potential to continue as weekend Nanny-house keeper when the temporary period is over.

Requirements are:

1. Looking after the children’s needs, welfare, development and health and safety. 
2. Supervision of the children at all times whilst in employee’s care. 
3. Exercise, teaching and training. 
4. Playing with the children. 
5. Encouraging development in skills such as reading, writing, arithmetic, drawing, music, dressing, telling the time, etc. 
6. Taking the children to and from nursery/school by bus and/or train. 
7. Taking the children to the GP surgery and other appointments when necessary 
8. Using a nanny diary to record the children’s day. You will be required to keep the Employer informed on a daily basis of the children’s activities, progress and other relevant information. 
9. Creating and following a timetable for the daily activities of the Employers children. This should include learning and play activities, meal plans, and social age appropriate activities. 
10. Arrange and supervise the child’s weekly activities. 
11. Responsible for renewing & booking courses/activities for the child post conversation with Employer. 
12. Administer medication after discussion with Employer. 
13. Keeping the children’s playroom, bedrooms and bathroom clean and tidy every day. 
• Laundry and ironing of the children’s clothes and bedding. 
• Ensuring the children’s clothes are clean and tidy at all times. Clothing should be ironed and kept in order in the wardrobe, e.g. trousers together, t-shirts together, jumpers together, pajamas together, dresses hanging orderly, jackets hanging orderly. 
• Bed linen should be changed weekly (or more frequently if required). The sheets, pillow cases, duvet cover should be ironed 
• Children’s bathroom towels should be changed twice a week (or more frequently if required). 
• Unpack any of the child’s bag’s. 
• Remove and store kids clothes that have got too small. 
• The odd local errand like, accept deliveries (amazon etc.), collect dry cleaning or collect something from the post office. 
• Ensuring that the children’s clothes are kept in good repair. 
• Clean down car seat and buggie bi weekly or more if needed. 
• Food shopping for the children’s needs. 
• Preparing and cooking the children’s meals. 
• A meal plan should be drawn up consisting of a healthy balanced diet with 5 different fruits and vegetables every day 
• All kitchen surfaces, including the oven, should be clean and tidy following meal preparation 
• You must wash hands before food preparation 
• You must wash hands when returning to the house from outside play 
• Keeping the kitchen and any other room clean and tidy after use by you and the children. 
14. Household duties, including, but not limited to: 
• Taking deliveries at the house 
• Collecting and dropping off parcels/mail to/from the post office 
• Dropping off and collecting dry cleaning 
• Picking up items to supplement the weekly shop as required when items run out 
• Coordinating tradespeople (pre-arranging appointments, providing access, and being present as necessary during works) 
• Household Laundry (except the employers’ bed linen and towels) 
• Household Ironing (except the employers’ work shirts, bed linen and towels) 
• Loading and unloading the dishwasher as necessary 
• Ad-hoc opportunities on a proactive basis to ensure the smooth running and general tidiness of the household 
• The employer will liaise with the cleaner at all times re her work this is not for the Nanny to engage in. 
In addition, the Employer may require you to help them with other household items, domestic chores, preparing and cooking evening meals and any other reasonable duties that the Employer may discuss with you from time to time.
Source Parent
Contact Kene
Region London
Area Greater London
Location London
Start date 01/12/2019
Salary £11 ph
Hours 45-55
Qualifications required Minimum NVQ lvl5
DBS checked Required
Required language Not specified
Experience required Minimum 10yrs
Driving license required No
Employment type Full time
Duration Temporary
Live in / out Live out