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How to Find a Job on – A Guide for Agencies

2018 May 14
by admin makes it easy for you to fill all your childcare vacancies, with just a few clicks of your mouse.

With our low-cost package designed with agencies in mind, you can post your latest jobs on our website, where our database of 4000+ childcarers can view and apply to you directly.

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How to Find a Job on – A Guide for Nannies

2018 May 7
by admin

Whether you’ve recently finished your last childcare position, or you’re just getting started as a Nanny, makes it simple and easy to find new work that’s ideal for you.

It’s easy to get started and completely free! Simply register and build your free profile! Be sure to include a headshot image, details of your experience, your location, your availability and much more.

Once your profile is created it will be viewable by 127 top nanny agencies as well as thousands of parents.

You’ll also be able to search our database of over 1500 current job listings and apply directly to parents/agencies.

As new jobs are listed on our site every single day, we’ll even email you with new jobs that come available that suit you!

What are you waiting for? Register for free and find your next nanny job today!

How to Find a Nanny on – A Guide for Parents

2018 April 30
by admin

Finding a professional nanny, babysitter, au-pair or other childcarers couldn’t be easier with

It’s completely free to register and browse our listings of over 4000 childcarers, which include up-to-date profiles, location, experience and much more to help you find the perfect nanny for you and your family.

Simply enter your requirements into our custom search tool – your ideal nanny could be just a few clicks away!

If you don’t have time to search through every listing, you can also post a job in a matter of mouse-clicks. We’ll send this to our database of nannies and childcarers whilst all you need to do is sit back and let the applications come directly to you.

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Can starting a blog be good for children?

2018 April 23

It might seem like a strange question, especially with all the warnings about children and screen time that are constantly in the news, but can blogging actually be beneficial for children?

According to online safety charity WiredSafety, in 2017, there were over 6 million children around the world, regularly writing blogs and whilst there are a number of dangers revolving around children and the internet, there are also a number of benefits to blogging.

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What to do if your child just won’t listen?

2018 April 16

When your child is old enough to know better but still doesn’t listen to you and do as they’re told, it can be more than a little frustrating.

How many times do you have to ask or tell your child to tidy their room before they do it? To come off that video game? To come inside from playing? To say please and thank you?

There are a lot of reasons why your child might not be paying attention and doing as you ask, some of these are easier to combat than others, but we’ve put together some tips to help you through these difficult situations.

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Nannies and Disabled Parents: It’s a Winning Combination

2018 March 26

Parenting is one of the most challenging things you’ll ever do. Raising a baby through childhood isn’t easy, and it’s even harder for disabled parents. Especially those without a solid support system.

Disabled parents often have a harder time admitting when they need help. Every parent has days where they feel overwhelmed and in desperate need of respite, but disabled parents don’t always have the courage to stand up and ask for the help they need for fear of negativity from others like being seen as unfit to parent or unable to cope.

By welcoming a nanny into your family, you can gain the help you need without worrying about negativity – after all, it’s not like nannies are unheard of!

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Creative ways to say ‘no’ to your young child

2018 March 19

Do you feel as though you’re constantly saying ‘no’ to your child’s demands and requests? Chances are, if your child is ignoring you when you say ‘no’, you might be saying it too often.

This can be a huge problem as you try to teach your child right from wrong, as well as trying to keep them safe.

That’s why we’ve put together some creative alternatives to saying ‘no’ to help regain your child’s attention whilst avoiding using the same word over and over.

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How to Encourage Your Child’s Imagination

2018 March 12

Your child’s imagination is constantly evolving, and it’s important that you help to nurture it from birth and throughout their childhood.

By sparking your child’s imagination, you help to stimulate their brain which in time will allow them to dream and imagine new possibilities. More importantly, allowing your child to create their own imaginary situations can help with their speech, empathy, problem-solving, social skills, confidence and much more.

Here are a few activity examples to help develop your child’s imagination from a young age:

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Best 5 Audiobooks for Kids

2018 March 5

Audiobooks are fantastic for children, especially those who haven’t yet learned to read. Audiobooks can even help your child to improve their reading ability, especially if they follow the words in the book whilst listening to the audiobook.

Audiobooks are also great for quiet time and for keeping children occupied during long journeys.

That’s why we’ve put together our top 5 audiobooks for children to get you started:

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5 Books for Young Readers!

2018 February 23

Here at, we’ll never stop talking about how important books and stories are for children. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 5 books, perfect for young readers.

Remember that books aren’t just for children who can already read, it’s just as important that you read to your children, no matter how old they are!

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