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Tips for a Happy Christmas

2021 December 3
by nannyjob

Christmas is, apparently, the most wonderful time of the year. And indeed it can be!
However, it can also be one of the most fraught.

The Christmas hype begins in mid-October usually, slowly gaining in momentum and
causing most of us – children included – to be worn out, stressed and anxious by the
middle of December.

This article aims to help you reduce, control and hopefully eliminate a lot of the stress
surrounding the Christmas period, allowing you and your family to have the most
relaxing Christmas possible.

#1 – Don’t stress on the presents
We all want to shower our nearest and dearest with amazing presents that they’ll
love and cherish forever. Christmas is all about giving – but that doesn’t necessarily
mean spending the most money (or very much money at all). The stress of trying
to find perfect gifts, and worrying that you haven’t got enough presents for your
children, can put a dampener on the whole festive period. Remember – it’s supposed
to be enjoyable. Handmade presents, pre-agreed spending limits and Secret Santa
arrangements are all great ways to take the focus off the gifts without ruining
anybody’s fun.

#2 – Be realistic
The Christmas period – Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day – are just
three days of the year, and you can guarantee it’s going to fly by faster than usual.
Don’t try to pack the days full of visits to other peoples’ homes, activities and various
other commitments – young children especially will often find this very stressful,
along with the excitement and routine-changes that Christmas brings. Be realistic
about what your family can handle – after all, it’s your Christmas too.

#3 – Be lenient
Children love Christmas – however, it can be very stressful for them, too. And
children don’t tend to handle stress very well, especially not when full of sugar
and excitement. Meltdowns are inevitable – when they happen, take a deep breath
and empathise with the child. Tell them you hear their frustration, and that you
understand. If younger children are over-stimulated, take them off to a quiet room to
read a story or maybe even have a nap to allow them to recharge their little batteries.

#4 – Relax!
Ok, a lot easier said than done, we know. Christmas is a great time of year but it can
put a lot of extra pressure on families, too. Dealing with difficult family members
you wouldn’t normally see, spending a lot of time together in close quarters, pent
up excitement from the children and trying to organise the day itself can put a lot of
strain on parents. At every opportunity, put your feet up and do your best to unwind.

#5 – Remember what’s important
Christmas means a lot of different things to people, but one theme that tends to run
through everybody’s celebrations is that of love, family and togetherness. Let the
little things go and cherish this time you have together as a family. Take hundreds of
photos, eat chocolate until you feel sick and take joy in seeing pure magic light up the
faces of your children as they spot their full stockings for the first time.

Above all, enjoy! Merry Christmas!

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