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Taking Nanny on Holiday – Advice for Parents

2019 May 27

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If you are thinking of taking your nanny on holiday, have you got a clause in your contract about nanny joining you on family holidays? If not, it would be worth having a separate holiday contract.

Nanny should be expected to work her normal hours, any extra should be agreed beforehand and the rate of pay. This way everyone knows what is expected and it will hopefully stop any problems arising.

Before you go away, agree with your nanny:

  • Any days off she will have while on vacation
  • Will she eat with the family at all meals
  • Will your nanny have her own room – this should be the case unless she normally sleeps with the children
  • Is Nanny covered on the travel insurance
  • Any additional chores that are expected from her while on vacation

Do you often take your nanny on holiday? Share your tips in the comments below.

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