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Nannies – Knowing When to Take a Sick Day

2017 April 20

Nannies, much like parents, are only human when it comes to things like the common cold or flu and whilst you may be worried about leaving your employer without childcare, it’s important that you let them know if you’re too sick to work. Better that, than have the whole family come down with the same illness.

However, if you only have a slight headache or something minor that allows you to function normally, it’s always best to head into work as usual. This way, you’ll show your employer that you have a great work ethic and they’ll come to know that you’re responsible and reliable.

Remember that your employer needs you to be someone they can count on.

Here are our top tips for working if you’re a little under the weather:

1. Communicate – Let your employer know that you’re not feeling 100% but that you’re happy to continue working through the day. This will help to set their expectations that you may not be up to your usual level of work and might only have the energy for a light tidy-up instead or a day in the house, instead of the usual activities you have planned. If you have a good employer, they’ll also tell you to take it easy and might even offer for you to take the day off if they can arrange it.

2. Take a nap – When you put the baby or young children down for a nap, take one yourself. Curl up on the cough for a couple of well-earned z’s. A power nap can do you wonders and will help you to better tackle the rest of the day.

3. Drink plenty of fluids – It’s the standard rule when sick and one you should definitely follow. Stay hydrated, it’ll make you feel much better.

4. Light exercise – Exercise and fresh air are great healers. Get out of the house, stretch your legs and breathe deep. It’s good for you and the children in your care.

5. Make arrangements/self-play activities for older children – Whilst younger children may take a nap sometime during the day, giving you time to rest, older children rarely do. Therefore, it’s always good to have a list or plan or ‘sick-day’ activities that you can give to older children that will keep them occupied while you take a moment for yourself.

6. Plan ahead – Preparing fresh meals every day is great, but when you’re sick it might not be practical or hygienic for you to do this. That’s why we recommend stocking up on a few less time-consuming meals that can be popped in the oven without all the preparation you usually put into it.

What are your top tips for fighting illness? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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