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Nanny believes she has paid too much in tax

2019 July 17
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Parents, nanny may come to you as the employer, and claim she believes she has been
paying too much tax in either the current tax year or previous years.
If relating to previous tax years it is best for nanny to contact HMRC directly by writing to
them with an explanation of why she thinks she has paid too much tax and she should
enclose relevant P60’s for the tax years involved. If it is then the case that she has overpaid
tax in a previous year HMRC would then issue a cheque directly to her.
If nanny believes she is paying too much tax for the current tax year, it is advisable that she
first contacts the employers payroll provider, such as us here at payroll4nannies to see if
they can help or she will need to call HMRC direct on 0300 200 3300 and will need to quote
her national insurance number and have other personal information to hand. HMRC will
issue a revised tax code if incorrect to the employer and any tax then previously overpaid in
this tax year would be repaid through the employer.

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