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Court Orders

2019 July 5
Our recommended partners at provide payroll advice for
parents and have created this content.
Parents, you may during the course of nanny’s employment receive a Court order to make
deductions on her pay because of monies owed to a third party, this could be for unpaid
council tax, outstanding fines or from the child support agency.
As an employer it is then your responsibility to ensure that any such order is processed
correctly through nanny’s payslip and that the right deductions are made as per the order.
Any decent payroll provider will have the various different order types already installed on
their payroll software to ensure that the correct deductions are made.
Any payments to the relevant payee can either be made over the phone or via internet
banking and any instructions on how to make the payment are included with the order.
If you as an employer do not deduct the order from nanny’s wages you will be fined, it is
important to ensure that the correct deductions are made.

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