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Saying Goodbye To The ‘Red Book’

2019 January 5

For generations, parents of babies and young children in the UK have used the ‘red book’ to record their child’s development, keep track of vaccinations and monitor baby’s growth.

However, in a recent update from the UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock announced that in a new bid by the government to stay current and to help improve health services for new mothers and babies, the ‘red book’ will be going digital in 2024.

The revelation has caused quite a backlash online from many parents who enjoy having the ‘red book’ as not only a keepsake to remind them of details of their child’s birth and early life but as an on-hand record of their child’s progress.

At the moment, the traditional ‘red book’ is still provided to parents upon the birth of each child in the United Kingdom.

Some parents and healthcare professionals believe that switching to a digital platform will make things easier, whilst others are worried that it’ll take longer to find the information they need.

Many have also raised concerns that low-income families without internet won’t be able to readily access the information digitally.

What are your thoughts on the proposed update? Would you be happy to make the move to a digital version of the ‘red book’ or would you prefer it to stay as it is?

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