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Keeping your cool

2013 July 17

Some days can just be frustrating. Your alarm doesn’t go off, you forgot to fill up the car, there’s no milk when you get to work, the children won’t nap and bicker endlessly, you finish later than planned…..As childcarers we don’t have the luxury of a 5 minute break to cool off with a cuppa, we can’t lock ourselves in the loo for a quick cry and we work with people who, by definition, are unreasonable. So how do you keep your cool when everything seems to be falling down around you?


Sammie, Nanny, 27

I recently took up yoga and meditation. Now when I’m getting a bit stressed I trying to do some focused breathing, or sit in a relaxing pose. The little girl I look after tries to copy me and I think it calms her down too so it’s really good for when we’re both stressed out.


Emma, Childminder, 32

Whenever I feel myself getting hot and bothered I throw my plans for the next half an hour out the window and start an activity I enjoy doing. Playdough is really therapeutic for me! Then my mindees come and join in and it reminds me why I love working with children.


Hannah, Nanny, 23

The best way to get rid of stress is to smile, make funny faces and funny noises. No-one can stay cross for long. You have to laugh instead.


Nina, Nanny, 35

We always put on some music and have a bit of a boogie. Sometimes I need to stomp around a bit so I pretend it’s dancing, sometimes I just need someting to lift my spirits. If all else fails there’s always Gloria Gaynor.


Eve, Childminder, 38

If I’m cross I talk abut it with the children. I think children are very sensitive and can pick up on your mood really easily so it’s important to identify it for them and say what’s happened to make you feel that way. Children can have really good suggestions for making you feel better too.


Jess, Nanny, 29

Counting to 10 always works for me. Plus it’s educational. You just keep counting until you’ve cooled off.


Patricia, Nanny, 54

I’ve learned that you have to talk about what made you upset in the first place so you don’t end up in one of ‘those’ moods with it being one of ‘those’ days. If you feel your boss has been inconsiderate, write it down and chat about it in the evening. If your charges are pushing the boundaries talk to them and also to their parents. Talking means you’re not trying to cope on your own and you’re taking steps to resolve the problem.


Lucia, Childminder, 32

Learn to let go. It’s not worth working yourself up because you end up getting unhappier as the day goes on. Holding onto what went wrong only makes more things feel like they’re going wrong. Let it go as soon as it happens.


Debbie, Nanny, 41

Don’t take responsibility for children’s behaviour and emotions. They’re their own person and although they need to learn to control how they feel don’t feel like you’re failing and stress yourself out because they aren’t behaving properly. Your own feelings and actions are the only thing you’re responsible for. Let them be angry if they need to.

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