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Fun Easter Activities for Children

2017 April 6

Spring is a fun and exciting time. It’s a time of new life, animals being born, plants starting to grow and temperatures on the rise.

Spring also brings along Easter, which can be great fun for all the family.

Try these Easter activities for children to get into the Easter spirit:

1. Egg Hunt

The egg hunt is a fantastic Easter tradition that can be traced back to the 17th Century. You can hide real eggs to give children a chocolatey treat or extend the fun by helping children to use powder dyes or paints to decorate real eggs, before hiding them in the hunt.

Using decorated eggs allows you to save the real chocolate eggs as prizes for when the hunt has finished.

2. Egg Faces

As above, use power dyes, paints, felt-tip pens and stickers to decorate eggs, giving them funny faces. Children will have great fun giving each egg person an emotion or face and placing them in different scenes/activities. You could even use them as part of your egg hunt once they’re dry.

3. Cress Heads

Cress heads are fun and very easy to make. Simply take an empty egg shell with the top cut off. Place a damp cotton ball inside and sow a few cress seeds on top. Place the eggs in a sunny window and keep the cotton ball damp. The cress will grow quickly, taking just a few days to appear and as it grows the egg heads will seem to grow ‘hair’.

You could even decorate the eggs giving them faces and funny expressions before sowing the cress seeds.

Once grown simply cut off the tops to make a tasty egg and cress sandwich.

4. Easter Card Making

Easter card making is fun and easy. Grab brightly coloured card, paper, safety-scissors and glue and get creative! You can use sequins, stickers, pens and glitter to make your cards look amazing!

5. Baby Animal Spotting

Spring is the perfect time to spot new animals and you don’t need to visit a farm to see them, although who wouldn’t want the chance to pet a new-born lamb?

Walk around the garden, you might stumble across a caterpillar, watch birds feeding their young or see tadpoles forming in the pond.

A fun activity for children is getting them to draw the different baby animals that they see or printing sheets for them to colour in.

These are just a few fun activities for you to try, but there are many more. What are you favourite Easter activities? Share in the comments below.

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