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Gender Stereotyping – What Is It and How to Avoid It

2018 February 12

The topic of gender stereotyping with regards to children has been gaining a lot of traction in the news and online. You’ve probably already seen at least one article, video or news feature on this topic.

But what is it?

Gender stereotyping is associating certain expectations or ideals depending upon someone’s gender. In relation to children, this could be that typically, girls should like the colour pink and should play with dolls and kitchen sets, whereas boys should like the colour blue and should be more physical in their play, making mess or playing with action figures and video games.

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Top Tips to Encourage Physical Activity in Children

2018 February 7

Encouraging your child to be more physically active isn’t as hard as it might at first seem. First of all, children are generally full of energy, much more it seems than adults and so all you need to do is guide them into using that energy.

Physical activity is extremely important for children. It helps to build muscles, coordination, and concentration whilst also helping to maintain mental and emotional health.

It’s never too young to begin fostering a love of exercise and activity in children as it can become a habit that helps them to stay healthy and active throughout their entire life.

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Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

2018 February 1

The day of love is right around the corner and Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to bring out those craft supplies and start making gifts for all.

Try these fun Valentine’s Day inspired crafts for kids of all ages:

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Taking Care of Yourself: Tips for Child Carers

2018 January 18

The job of a child carer is a demanding one; mentally, emotionally and physically. We love our jobs, working with children is exceptionally rewarding, but if we’re not careful, we can suffer from stress, burnout and exhaustion.

We’ve put together some top tips to help keep you healthy and in tip-top shape to ensure that you and your charges receive the best care!

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Story Time: Why is it So Important?

2018 January 11

Did you know that 20% of UK parents spend no time at all reading with their children? Or that just 50% of parents with young children read for just 1 hour each week?

Not only does reading to your children help to improve their academic performance, but more importantly it strengthens your bond, improves their imagination, helps children learn to read, teaches them about the world around them, and provides important morals to help make your child a nicer person.

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New Year Resolutions for Parents and Childcare Professionals

2018 January 2

How many New Year’s resolutions have you seen or heard from your family, friends and co-workers so far? How many of those were about weight, smoking, drinking, or travel? How many of those were about parenting or childcare? I’m guessing the latter was a significantly smaller number than the former.

This New Year, wouldn’t it be nice for us to make a New Year’s resolution that will not only benefit ourselves but our children and the rest of our family? That’s why we’ve put together a list of areas that we can all try to improve upon in the New Year when it comes to caring for our children.

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Quiet Time Activities for Toddlers

2017 December 28

Does your toddler still enjoy an afternoon nap? Afternoon naps are wonderful, giving you and your toddler some well-needed rest from all of that energy they’ve been using throughout the day. Unfortunately, those naps won’t last forever and eventually, your toddler will grow out of their need for an afternoon doze.

However, that doesn’t mean that the quiet time you both enjoy, and need has to be replaced with noisy, energy-filled activities. Quiet-time activities can help to occupy young children whilst building their skills and giving you a little time to relax.

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The Greatest Gift You Can Give This Christmas is Your Time

2017 December 21

Forget the presents, simply be present this Christmas!

Think about it honestly. How many times have you noticed yourself being with your child, but you’re not fully engaged? Maybe you were on your phone checking social media or emails. Perhaps you were simply running through all the things you still need to do to prepare for Christmas. Being there, but not being present is something we’re all guilty of occasionally, but Christmas time brings with it a real opportunity to make a change.

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Can a robot change a nappy?

2017 December 12

The news that Google is developing an AI (Artificial Intelligence) nanny has been making the rounds and whilst it’s not a shocking announcement, it is a disturbing one.

In the past few years, we’ve seen a multitude of announcements about robots and other artificial intelligence that claim to be able to raise our children.

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Christmas Craft Ideas

2017 December 5

When the weather outside is frightful…it’s time for Christmas crafts!

Dust off that craft box and try these fun Christmas craft ideas – get messy, create something new and have fun!

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