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Why You Should Visit Your Local Library This Summer

2017 July 17

The summer holidays can be stressful for parents and nannies alike. Trying to find new and exciting activities to keep the kids entertained every day is no easy feat. When you consider the many rainy days experienced in the average British summertime, you might find that you and your children are going a little stir crazy.

Over the summer holidays, libraries all around the country will be pulling out all the stops kids entertained by putting on various activities including hosting character visits and read-a-longs to craft or computer sessions, and much more.

Taking your children to your local library this summer is a great way for them to take part in various activities whilst giving you time to chat to other adults. Another bonus: you don’t have to worry about the clean up!

Even if there are no activities running, simply let your children explore new books and characters. Encourage them to choose new books (or an old favourite) that they can take home to read in between activities or during quiet time.

Lead by example, find a book that you’d like to read, or pick one to read aloud. If your children see that you enjoy reading, they’re more likely to want to read themselves.

Library visits can be exciting places for children to take part in new activities, make new friends and develop a love for reading and learning, so get out of the house and visit your local library.

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